Post 369: How’s That Working for You?

Zen has been in the news lately, due to the sad passing of the free spirit who wrote a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Suddenly Millenniums are wondering how they can get Zen for themselves. Tragic, really.

This ad was submitted some time ago by Ralph. Last November, in fact. I loved it but somehow overlooked it repeatedly. Sorry, Ralph.

The ad became more zen from being ignored. The photo is no longer available so you will just have to close your eyes and imagine.

Zen Rock garden

Working condition.

What is the sound of a rock garden in working condition?

Here’s a picture to help you get in the rock garden zen mood thing. You’re welcome.

post 369 zen rocks


3 thoughts on “Post 369: How’s That Working for You?

  1. IIRC, it was about as Zen as WalMart – a mini tabletop recirculating plastic fountain with some pebbles. “The Clapper” was not included.

    Zparky discovered zat zis did not aid meditation, zen put it on craigslist.

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  2. The Koan teach tbat “Seek, and you shall not find.”
    This probably runs afoul of “download form iTunes” lifestyle.
    Which also suggests that reselling a bought solution meant to find Zanshin is unlikely to succeed.

    From Ralph’s description, I’m pretty sure I know what the product was–and neith garden nor Zen was involved. Frustration, .mess, and clutter, yes; medutative state, not so much.

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