Post 370: A Can of Fauxbreeze

We have very little in the way of rules here in the Snark Lounge. No fighting in the sand box. No cooking the haunted hawk. If you touched it, you put it away when you’re done. And the last one out please make sure the toilet flushed. Because, Dude!

So when the Minions are out scouring the CL for treasures, it’s a pretty clear red flag when someone won’t make an offer.

Old ass gas can – $5 ([Ish]ton)

Make offer

One Moving Violation, who found this treasure, states, “No offer from me!” You are wise, OMV. Let’s just leave it where we found it.



8 thoughts on “Post 370: A Can of Fauxbreeze

  1. Sprakii spelling being what it us5, this could be for an “assortment” of elderly fuel gas containers.
    Their calue probably not being assertex as these objects probalby barely contain thrir own pain, let alone any DoT regulated fluids.

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  2. I use old-ass style cans, but old-ass gas is hazwaste, Sparky neglects to mention if his can is empty. Did he even get off his old ass to check?

    [corey: Most donkey engines, which were once steam powered, are now diesel, not gas. /corey]

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