Post 371: Schrodinger’s Cat’s Last Stand

In Sparkyville, you cannot always know for certain if Sparky has a pet or not. Having pet bowls and pet carriers and pet stands means nothing. Sparky’s children might be eating out of those bowls. Sparky’s lunch probably goes in the carrier. And the pet stand is only something to be listed on Craigslist.

The question is, as NinjaChow points out, “Is Sparky moving and leaving the cat behind or is the cat moving and leaving Sparky behind?”

 Custom cat stand 

Custom made cat stand; 2 pieces.
Moving, so don’t need it.

Can even deliver for a small fee.

I’m pretty sure whoever gets the stand will end up with the cat, as well. Because Sparky. Thanks NinjaChow! Have a good weekend!


4 thoughts on “Post 371: Schrodinger’s Cat’s Last Stand

  1. I’m ruined, whenever I see “bowl” my brain transliterates “bowel” just in case.

    So, a slight dounle-clutch on “[C]hildren eating from pet ‘bowels’…”

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  2. The cat did stand.
    He stood it every day.
    The cat did stand
    When they wanted him to play.
    The cat did stand.
    He stood around his home.
    Get rid of the stand, ’cause we really need to roam.

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