Post 374: Epee or Saber?

Long ago, when women wore long skirts and used fans to send coded messages, a particular form of marshal arts existed just for them. Using a very specially honed item of furniture, these women could fend off unwanted advances and foil attempts by thieves to rob them of their pin money.

But if they didn’t have one of these, well, they were out of luck.

Charming Feinting Couch – $125

Cute plum-colored feinting couch. Just don’t have room for it! Upholstery is in near perfect shape. One leg needs minor repair. It’s in [Location] now, but can easily bring to [Place].

Charming and cute it may be, but it seems a little inflexible for the serious feinter. One Moving Violation submitted this with the comment, “Dodge, parry, thrust! I looked this up on Wiki because it looked like a chaise lounge. Besides the couch being a comfortable place for women to be fondled by doctors, the article said, ‘see also chaise longue’.” Good find, OMV! Probably was a difficult day for Uncle Wiki.


4 thoughts on “Post 374: Epee or Saber?

  1. I’m not up to full speed on things torrid, but I want to remember it’s a “fainting cupboard” into which the chaisr longue is put.

    A quick turn to wiki offers “fainting room” which was furnished with a “fainting couch.”
    Said room, in Victorian times, fir privacy during “pelvic manipulations” in treatment of hysteria.

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  2. Victorian corsets that restricted breathing could cause fainting, but sometimes collapsing in the lounge after a chase by the Grand Marshal was a feint.

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