Post 375: Not That Kind of Hunger

Hunger is a thing most of us dislike. If we hunger for food and eat too much, it’s bad. Then someone brings in dessert. Turn away, you don’t want to see this.

You’re in the grocery store buying luxury items like milk and toilet paper, when someone asks you to donate $5 to end Hunger in Africa. You can do the math. That’s not a whole lot of rice and plantains going to those poor children.

In Sparkyville, there’s a group that wants to help you feel bad about how much you have and how hungry other people are. They’ll even give you something for your donation.

Gather for a Hunger free Community ([Ish] Family Food Pantry)

post 375 hunger 1

start time: 9:00 AM

Saturday, June 3, 2017 Gather will have a HUGE Community Yard Sale at 210 West Road ! Mark your calendar….A variety of unique and valuable items will be for sale. Air conditioners, furniture, collectible baseball memorabilia, kids toys, scooters, clothing, household items, pottery, jewelry, electronics, golf clubs….etc…You can also donate from now until then. All proceeds support Gather, which is striving to eliminate hunger in the [Ish] area and has special programs for children and the elderly besides a wonderful pantry. Posted are dates that donated items can be dropped off at the empty space next to Market Basket on Lafayette Rd. in Portsmouth. Drop off times on Wed are 4-6 and on Sat 9-11.

What are those soldiers doing? Why are they only half clothed? No, never mind. Ralph submitted this without comment, which is probably the best way to go. Wash your hands after reading this post. Thanks, Ralph! Perfect start to a Memorial Day.


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