Post 376: Not Easy Being Beige

I have a dream. Actually, more of a hope, possibly a fantasy. Maybe even a plot for a science fiction novel. But I digress.

My firm supposition is that one day color will not matter any more than hair length or shoe size. One day all people will take good care of everything they have, no matter what color it is or started out as. One day, this chair’s decedents will be loved and sent to university where they will be good in math and home economics. They will not end up in “good condition”.

Beige arm chair 

post 376 chair

In good condition, very comfy, giving away cause we need room in our place, need it picked up today if possible, message for more details

Oh, Sparky! That is one long run-on sentence! Learn punctuation and use it. Also, learn to judge the condition of your stuff with honesty. As submitter NinjaChow muses, “Wonder what bad condition looks like?”


3 thoughts on “Post 376: Not Easy Being Beige

  1. O the poor apostrophe.
    Over used too often, and as oft forgotten.
    To because
    Or not to cause,
    That is the question.
    W’ere to tage lexigraphic
    Again’ the tides
    Of outrageous sparkiitude
    Or to lapse, spent, bodkin pierced.
    Having suffer-ed the slurs and errors,
    To, instead, seek to sleep,
    And perchance to dream.

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