Post 377: Dat Ass.

Some folks think all 12-inch fashion dolls are the same as that one very famous one. The one that comes with all the neat cars and friends and other accessories. The one whose head came off when I took her to the beach and ill-advisedly took the doll into the waves. The one who became the Fabulous Headless Fashion Model after that.

Quick Side Note: I once used the word “glan” when I meant “gland” in a short story. My teacher pointed out in front of the whole class the difference between the two words. I’m going to recommend that Sparky here take that class because, dude, “glan” and “ass” do not belong in an ad for a child’s toy!

NEW barby candy glan and ass. – $10

New in original box barby candy glan and full set of ass.

Candy Glan! Candy Glan for OMV! Thanks for the submission and the restraint used to not rip this Sparky’s head off. One headless fashion model in my life is one too many.

5 thoughts on “Post 377: Dat Ass.

  1. An ass is an ass and eats grass, you lass.
    And after awhile this too shall pass.
    But there is no ass within that plass.
    So don’t give me any sass.

    ( Well, maybe there is, but you can’t see it from here.)

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