Post 378: Eurotrash

I know, I didn’t come up with that word on my own. I had help from the actual president of the US of A. He was a little pushy about me using the word so I guess I better. Otherwise someone might leak the fact that I didn’t and then a Twitter Storm will descend on me. No one wants that.

So I got to wondering about ads in English on Craigslist in Portugal. Don’t ask. And I found this Sparkquito.

one nightstand

body: average
height: 5’9″ (175cm)

age: 36


will be in [Cinne]bon tonight in a city center hotel. wanna have some clean safe and deep fun? dro me a line. i love to kiss massaje and give oral. Open to fullfill fantasies.
Preference for adult women that know what they want or need….

any questions? to ask.

talk to you soon

No, Sparky, you won’t be talking to anyone soon, I imagine. First of all, I thought this was an ad for used furniture. For a nightstand with one dro. I really don’t want to know about you kissing massaje, whoever he or she is. Just shut up about the oral.

Guess I didn’t want that one nightstand after all. Thanks, EuroSparky!


8 thoughts on “Post 378: Eurotrash

  1. Yes, line is pitched clean into Davy Jones’ nightstand, what with my work kompuuter and I trading anatomically impossible suggestions at each other…what with my wanting to massaje it with a sledgehammer and all.

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  2. Sorry to steal Pres 45’s thunder (wait. No, I’m not) but Eurotrash was a tv series presented by Jean-Paul Gaultier and the brilliantly sarcastic (and frequently incomprehensible) Antoine de Caunes. Intermittent genius, frequent smut and a lot of random made-up nonsense. It followed on from de Caune’s previous series, Rapido, which I absolutely loved.

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