Post 380: Get a Receipt

A sunny afternoon in Sparkyville. Our favorite Sparky is walking down the street in hopes of finding a deal on which to spend his paycheck. He passes an alley.

Man in Trench Coat: Psst!

Sparky: Go away.

MTC: No, really, you won’t believe these deals. C’mere!

Sparky (sighing): Fine. What do you have this time?

garage sale

no texting please PRIVATE SALE TEL 604 625 22 19
………. window blinds white,’ faux wood…2inch.. WIDTH .55..24 3\4….27. ..,53 1\2…54…54 1\2…37 1\4…22 3\4..22..1\4…23 1\4…24 3\4..
brown 46 1’8 ….58 1\4….28….22…34… blind $30 each
$30 each 2 roller shades 55″. $100

MTC: Look at these pictures! You can’t say no! What will you have?

Sparky: What’s a trow?

MTC (blinks): A what?

Sparky: A trow. It’s listed right there in bedding.

MTC: It’s a thing. A thing you put on your bed. With other bedding.

Sparky: Something tells me this whole sale is faux. Gimme two beds in a bag and a snowboard.

We’ll leave our friend Sparky now. Like NinjaChow said when she submitted this, “Looks more like a fell off the back of a truck at Costco sale”. Good times, good times.


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