Post 383: Only the Best for Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. You know that whatever you did for your wife on Mother’s Day, she’s going to make sure you get double on your day. Sorry about that.

Of course, she only shops at the very best merchants and takes the kids along to help pick out the gifts. Nordstrom’s? Sax Fifth Avenue? Bloomberg’s? Try the houses a few blocks over.

Huge Multiple Family Garage/Fathers Day Gifts

Multiple Buildings


We will have tools,dishware,collectables,records,books,video games,jewelry,comics,new items,antiques,kids stuff,furniture and more.

Brand new jewelry and hair accessories (See Photos) Plus we have a lot more on the table and on the racks.

Plus a HUGE area of glassware,pottery,kitchen items and more marked $.25 each

Items added all day.

### Division Street [Location]

Follow signs Off HWY XX

May 26th and May 27th

From 9-4

NinjaChow found this beauty and sent it in with the comment, “Mom’s get brunch, Dad’s get the stuff the other dads didn’t want last year.” I don’t know, I think my dad would love the bow tie with the baseball print. The hair accessories, not so much.

Enjoy the holiday.


2 thoughts on “Post 383: Only the Best for Dad

  1. I hate when businesses do this. Why would a garage sale be any different? Say it”s a (insert holiday) sale. On Mother’s Day, Home Depot has a sale on lawn mowers. On Valentines Day, it’s the perfect time to get your septic tank pumped. Now we have bows, probably for wrapped gifts for Father’s day. Later, we’ll have a Labor’s Day sale on boxes of chocolates. But, you never know what you’re going to get.


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