Post 384: This is a Heavy

Today’s dose of irony actually is more of a dose of iron. Sparky is moving and needs you to hurry over now and take away the coffee table. The iron coffee table. The one you can’t lift by yourself. Hurry right on over. Sparky’s waiting.

I do wonder how he got it into his home in the first place.

Industrial Style Iron Coffee Table

Leaving [Location] and have to part with my Beautiful heavy duty industrial style coffee table. 41 inches length and 21 inches height so about 3 feet x 1.5 feet approx. Heavy iron table to be picked up this evening or this weekend!

This is a heavy so you may need an extra hand to help with carrying it out and loading.

The post title is straight from NinjaChow who sent it in. Remember, if you are feeling anemic or run down, you could always lick this table. Be sure to consult a doctor first.


4 thoughts on “Post 384: This is a Heavy

  1. Gee, spark, math is hard.
    Half of 41 is 20.5 squared is
    420.25 times 3.1416 is 1320.2574
    Times 21 is 27,725.4
    Divide by 1728 and it’s 16 cubic feet.
    Iron is 491 #/cf
    Let’s preusume the table is 4% of the cubic volume, so, 16 x 4% = 0.64 x 491 = 314#.

    Sheesh, that’s not so hard.
    It also suggests you need 2 people who can dead lift 160# each, too. (So, maybe 3-4 are better.)

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  2. Well, the length may be 41″ long, but I have a theory about its width. My theory, which is mine, is that the table is very thin at one end, gets rather thick in the middle, and then very thin at the other end.


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