Post 387: Home Sweet Rehome

Sparky loves his pets. He loves his plants. He loves his furniture. He loves his beds. He doesn’t want to give them up, but sometimes needs must.

If only he’d loved the elderly relative who used to own them and has since passed away. Poor Grandma, having to sleep in a child’s bed.

matching floral arm chairs / kids bed

matching floral arm chairs
circa 1960’s
non-smoking / non-pet house
must take as set


children’s bed w/mattress & duvet

text / email
###- eight five eight – ####

Oh, I must, must I? Not surprising you wouldn’t let Granny smoke or have a pet. You’re disgusting, Sparky. I’m reporting you to the SPCEF – The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Elders and Furniture. Thanks for the alert, NinjaChow! This deplorable situation will never happen again.

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