Post 388: What, No Hover-board?

You know, we just don’t hear enough these days about getting ready for the zombie apocalypse. I am almost certain the current administration is acting peculiar to cover up the impending outbreak of zombies. Think about it, what other explanation can there be?

All of them? Really? They are just that way. I’ll need to ponder that for a while. Until I am done pondering, consider this excellent opportunity to get ready for the apocalypse now.

Nerf gun zombie apocalypse prep lot – $50

Your kids will be prepared for anything with this lot of Nerf guns and swords. Incredible Hulk talking SMASH hands at no extra cost! Various sizes and shapes, swords and even a battle axe.

Yeah, a lot of people would pay good money to get rid of an old battle axe, not charge. This is such a great bundle, I’m tempted to adopt some kids so I can justify picking it up. Do it for the little ones! Local Craigslist, we have so much to discover together.


3 thoughts on “Post 388: What, No Hover-board?

  1. That’s perfect, send out the kids to fight the zombies with Nerf guns. Then while the zombies are eating the kids brains (cause of course they would only work on Nerf Zombies) we can get away. Diabolical plan Windy.

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