Post 390: Your Chance to Remain Anonymous

Breaking into show business often takes years of lessons, good photos, getting an agent, and sleeping with lots of producers. Sparky has found a way to make it all happen overnight. Lights, Camera, Blindfold!

Wait, blindfold? How will my fans know it’s me?

Females for Discreet Modeling.

Local females have you wanted to star in adult videos but you don’t want to worry about being seen or caught by your friends or family?
We are casting four females with nice bods for our blindfolded and masked adult video series.
Good fresh opportunity to do adult work and be anonymous and private.
Send two pics with age, and contact info.

I think he means loco females. Anyone with tattoos need not apply. Especially if it’s a speaking. How long do the pics have to age before I can send them in? Will I get to meet Ron Jeremy? Guess I better find another way to break into show business. Thanks, Local CL!

Yes, I do need more ads sent in. Why do you ask?


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