Post 391: I Feel Your Propane

Lots and lots of Americans held outdoor cooking events yesterday to celebrate their Independence from kitchens and Spotted Dick. Still, some of them were using really old equipment that maybe continues to work but looks like crap.

Lots and lots of stores in the US had great sales on new outdoor cooking equipment. And certainly Sparky wanted to take advantage of those sales. But what to do with the old cooker?


post 391 barbacue

Barbacue with a rottisier. Free. First come. Works great

doesn’t include the propane tank

Maybe I can trade the rottisier for a propane tank? What do you think, NinjaChow? Thanks for the submission, and don’t tell anyone this is from Canada, okay? Kind of ruins the whole story.



7 thoughts on “Post 391: I Feel Your Propane

  1. Barbacoa, which shares some etymology, does not involve propane, unless that is what you usr to light the coals.
    The traditional method involves using banana leaves and smothering the ensemble in dirt to slow roast.

    Attempting barbacoa on a propane grille is akin to making paella in a microwave–not close nor a cigar.

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  2. Well to be fair the story kinda works for Canada too, we just had our birthday celebration on July 1st and all the summer camping/barbeque (Word Press doesn’t like the Canadian spelling of barbecue, nobody likes the Sparky version) is on sale up here right now too.

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