Post 392: Bonefire

Perhaps Sparky wanted his ad to stand out. Like his loaded bed. So he didn’t put this in Personals. He put it in Labor Gigs.

Thankfully, there are no photos.

i will pay you $10 to take my wood

I have a full f250 truck bed full of dried branches and twigs perfect for bonefire application… Also newly trimmed woody bush trimmings… Ill pay 10 and drop off free if you want this job

What do you think these words are code for: Full f250 truck bed. Bonefire. Woody bush trimings. Ill pay. If you want this job. Thanks, Ralph, absolutely wonderful puzzle for the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Post 392: Bonefire

  1. Kabor probably better than [shudder] Casual Encounters . . .

    “Ya ready t’get sweaty?”
    Uh huh
    “Doan ferget yur gloves.”
    Er, ok
    “We goan start early, too, a’fore it getz t’hot.”
    “Yew can burn any whats you wanna kedp, too.”

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