Post 393: Christmas in July Part One

Last December, Ninja Chow submitted a bunch of Christmas-related CL ads. I didn’t get a chance to use them at the time, but now seems like the perfect opportunity. After all, there’s only 175 Days until Christmas 2017.

I wonder if any of these treasures are still available? On December 21, 2016, Canadians were done with the holiday.

Christmas angel 

post 393 angel


This is the only photo that I could still grab. For the rest, you need to rely on Sparky’s descriptions.

FREE large Christmas tree

About 8 feet tall and 5 1/2 feet wide at the base. Comes apart into 4 sections. Stand included. No lights. Still looks great, it was just too big for the space. It’s all packed up in the box and ready to go. It’s under the front deck at 3351 scotch pine ave, Coquitlam. Come and get it. No need to ring the bell. It’s in the giant brown box.


Free Christmas Tree

Real Christmas tree, Fraser Fir
About 2.5 m tall, 1.5 m wide

Does NOT come with decorations or tree holder

Pick up at UBC Point Grey during office hours before Friday, December 23
Arrange your own transport/truck, and labour

First come first serve! Email for details.


christmas decorations

have some extra christmas tree decoration that I have no use for


Wrapping supplies

Assorted gift wrap supplies.

What have we learned here, folks? One, that Christmas gets old fast. Two, that I should save the photos as they come in. And Three, that NinjaChow knows a good ad when she reads one. Oh, and that Sparky can’t describe his way out of a paper bag.


2 thoughts on “Post 393: Christmas in July Part One

  1. Try and find xmas stuff at the store much after 15 decemver. You’ll find them settin gp for Valentine’s ot MLK.

    Straifht consequence from starting sales right after Labour Day.

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