Post 394: Christmas in July Continues

What is the loveliest thing you can imagine to put on the top of your Christmas tree? A star? An angel? A spire ornament? During the disco era, I had a revolving light topper that made dancing images fly across the ceiling.

Well, Sparky has managed to top, ha ha, all of those.

Dog Themed Christmas Tree Topper – $10

post 394 dog tree topper

A totally unique decoration! Standing 16″ tall, built with a plastic cone insert, this amazing dog themed Christmas tree topper will be sure to catch attention.

Or use it as a window decoration, table center piece… lots of options since it is also free standing

Hand made, one of a kind

In great shape, from a smoke free home. There are two small paint flecks missing on the face, as shown in the photos, but otherwise in great condition

Seriously, one of a kind because putting this on top of your tree will tell your dogs this is the place to send letters to Santa. They will use the Pee-mail system and nobody wants that. Right, NinjaChow? I managed to save the one photo, which in this case is more than enough.


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