Post 395: Wrapping up Christmas

Setting up decorations all over the house is a time-honored tradition in many American and Canadian households. Possibly other countries as well. With that in mind, here are some options that you might be lucky enough to find on Craigslist.

Maybe lucky isn’t the word I actually should use.

Rocking Reindeer Music box – $15

Rudolph off his rocker

Lovely piece!

Knob to wind it is in back (see second photo). While playing ‘dashing through the snow’, the rheindeer rocks back and forth. 

Approx 10″ tall

As NinjaChow said, “Looks like Rudolph has been in the eggnog.” I’m pretty sure that song has another name. . . Just doesn’t ring a bell right now.

Brand New Santa music box – $8

Santa scary

I have two of these turning musical decorations.
They are brand new, in a box, never used.
Wind up on the bottom, to play ‘Dashing Through the Snow’
The metal ‘stars’ can be used to hold photos or cards.
Approx. 9″ at the tallest.

Paid $30 each…..asking $10 each

Are you sure those aren’t throwing stars? I don’t like the look on that Santa’s face. OR that song! Stop it!

Old World Santa – $25

Santa old world scary

Gorgeous Santa in fancy clothes. Face and hands exquisite. Great beard. Fur trim. Elegant clothing.
Clean and in perfect condition!

Stands about 2 1/2 feet tall.

Comes in a perfect box for storage out of season.

Vintage, rustic, Santa Claus, decoration, standing, Christmas, Xmas

At least there’s no music involved with this one, but if you hang it in the closet where the kids’ presents are, that should deter the most aggressive present hunter

Santa with cats, or with dogs – $5

Santa with dog or cat

Two Santas, that look as if they were hand carved. Stand 7.5″ tall. One with three cats, and the other with dogs…great for the cat and/or dog lover! Cute for a person who loves pets, or animals in general.
Excellent condition!
$5 each

Hand carved by someone with bad eye sight and in withdrawal, maybe. Too bad there are no recipes included. Enjoy your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Post 395: Wrapping up Christmas

  1. Whatever happened to just regifting fruitcakes nobody actually eats, anyway?
    While not the best xmas gift, at least it did not distemper pets nor people.

    Liked by 1 person

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