Post 397: Paper Moon

An on-going first world problem is the lack of Sears & Roebuck catalogs or Farmers’ Almanacs. Our forefathers knew all about roughing it, to put it mildly. Now we have all these modern conveniences like computers and fidget spinners and political pundits. So we insist on something gentle yet thorough cleaning for our butts.

The market gets more competitive every day.

Toilet paper & Magazine holder – $15 

Toilet paper & Magazine holder
With toilet paper $15
Without $10

As NinjaChow points out, that’s pretty pricey paper. $5 for 4 rolls, $1.25 per roll. I can get you some good stuff at Wally World, four rolls for a dollar! Thanks, NC, gotta keep an eye on that particular market, eh?


5 thoughts on “Post 397: Paper Moon

  1. Ok, not sure taht spindle to hold extra rolls is worth $5 extra.

    But, given that these probably wholesale for only $2-3 each as is, buying paper more expensive than dollar store probably aproximates eating caviar from gas station napkins.

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