Post 399: CSI Craigslist

A quiet morning in Sparkyville began with all the kids from the summer camp going on a field trip to the Doll Hospital. Little Sparky Junior was just 13 years old. His expectation of a Doll Hospital was vastly different from the reality he would soon experience.

In fact, as soon as he learned none of the dolls were inflatable, he vowed to seek revenge for the horrible waste of an afternoon. He stole a bunch of doll parts and threw them in the alley out back. That’s where they were found, 15 years later. Dun-dun DUN!!!!!!!

Doll parts for someone who makes doll

post 399 dolls

I was going to throw out then thought someone who makes dolls might like for a craft project.

Dolls are broken. They are not antiques. About 15 years old.

Wow, that was pretty exciting! Sure glad it has been clarified that doll parts are for someone who makes dolls, only. Thanks, Ralph, your investigative skills have once again proved to be without equal.

3 thoughts on “Post 399: CSI Craigslist

  1. J’ suis crochet
    “Uh gots doll purtz”
    Non j suis “knit” (tous poutine)
    “Nuh-o, uh gotz-o doll-o partz oh.”
    Gives Spark a cabbage,which fails to explode; beats with day-old baguette until arm tires.

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