Post 400: We’re in Business

I so hate that I can’t get to the ads when the pictures are fresh and available. And then I run out of ads because you people have lives. So I’m going to try recreating this one. Just give me a moment to get into Sparky mode.

If I’m not back in 20 minutes, send help.

Business Tie for Small Pets

That title and a picture were all the elements of this particular ad. To which submitter NinjaChow said:

“Business cat, judging from the eyes I think the tie might be too tight.”

Here are some Amazon reviews for what must have been the same product.

I’m gonna need you to come in on Caturday

post 400 cat 1


My cat wore this to an interview, and got the job!

Is your cat a business cat? Have they ever thought about being one? Do you think your cat might have the skills necessary to catch the red dot if they were given the right opportunity?

If you answered yes, this product is for you.

You cat will ace any interview, be the star of the show, and be on every other cats “A” list.

post 400 cat 6

Business cat approves, however his wife does not…

Thomas didn’t mind, he already started getting yelled at for keeping long business hours by Chloe though…

My only complaint is that all my friends are either super jealous of my adorable cat, or sick of me posting adorable picture of my cat online.

Our kitty Emmett looked so handsome and scholarly in his tie that his new nickname is now Wisdom Cat! I love the Velcro adjustment. He wasn’t full grown when we got it so he can grow into it and wear it as an adult cat too. He actually wore it proudly during a video shoot and ALL of our fans left comments regarding how adorable he looked. Many asked where we got the tie too!

post 400 cat 7

Turns the ordinary cat into accountant cat. Just in time for tax season. Seems we owe 3 fresh mice….he says new IRS rules.

My cats won’t wear collars, but they don’t mind wearing this tie at all. It really gives them a more professional appearance, and hopefully will help them get that accounting job they have been working so hard for.

Thanks for the fun, NinjaChow. Don’t think I am disrespecting your mad CL skills, just overworked and underpaid. Sound familiar?


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