Post 402: Land for the Lost

Owning land is part of the Great American Dream, along with a job that pays a lot for very little work and a spouse who petty much likes exactly the same things we do. But like that mythical spouse, the land might not be all it seems to be in Sparky’s imagination.

$2700 / 10000ft2 – SALTON SEA LOTS AVAILABLE!!! $2700

post 402 lot

SALTON SEA LOTS AVAILABLE!! Starting as low as $2700 cash. All lots have water and sewer to the property line and most lost have power to the property line. Do not miss your chance to buy your lot near the Salton Sea or the Ocotillo Off-road park before the prices go back up. Great investment opportunity because in 2007 these very same lots were selling for $30,000 to $45,000 a lot. I have several lots to choose from so please call me for the current list of lots. I have Commercial lots and Residential lots available. Most lots are 10,000 sqft which is almost a ¼ acre so give Sonny a call.

Just a minute here, Sonny. You put 10000ft to the second power in the title! Now you are changing the deal. $2700 to live near a bunch of off-roading desert rats with no appreciation of the beauty of the desert? How much will it be worth in 2020?

My local CL is full of Sparkies.


3 thoughts on “Post 402: Land for the Lost

  1. Quite.
    $2700 for 10, 000 sf is $11,761 per acre.
    The Salton Sea is an ecological error, which has been self correcting since the 80s.

    As in all cases where the hubris of Man is spurned by Nature, the results are ugly. Flats of dead and rotted fish, shattered dreams, and excess concentrations of organophosphates do not make an idyl ( or an ideal) just waiting to “bounce back.”

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  2. Gee, Spark, where do I sign up to buy land worth $1200-1500 per acre for $12k/acre?

    The presence of easements for utilities, even tge presence of utility lines is ni gurantee that thise lines are connected to anything.

    Your supossitions are disquieting.

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