Post 404: Harry Potter’s Next Home

There’s a joke that’s so old it’s usually not funny anymore, but it certainly applies to this ad. The joke is the apartment was so small, I had to step outside to change my mind. Not only is Sparky trying to rent a broom closet as a micro-studio apartment, he’s charging enough for a down payment on a new car.

$1450/ 200ft2-Furnished Studio apartment @ The Metropole


In the heart of Gastown we have a furnished, renovated, micro-studio apartments on the top floor at the historic Metropole Building.

Suites are self contained and include:

-Full furnishing as shown in the photos
– Utilities (heat, hot water, power)
– Kitchenette with bar fridge and hot plate
– Private Bathroom with 3/4 tub and shower.

Located across the street from Woodwards Building, VFS campus, SFU campus and all possible transit.

6-12 month lease considered
Rent to be paid by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
Potential tenants must prove income, past landlord and references.

To inquire or schedule a viewing please include your FULL NAME AND CONTACT NUMBER and we will get back to you.

Thank you!

Guess it’s hard to find such spacious accommodations in that part of town, right, NinjaChow? Love the part about being across the street from all possible transit. So, there’s a space port and a transporter there, eh? And just how am I supposed to prove my past landlord? Thanks for the submission, NC.


7 thoughts on “Post 404: Harry Potter’s Next Home

  1. That’s $7.25 per square foot.
    I can rent Class B commercial lease space for that price (and probably could in gastown, too).

    I suppose it’s “furnished”as having more than a take away box to your name would overfill that glorified airing cupboard.

    In the mortgage world, your housing payment is supposed to be no more than 28% of your income.
    Ciphering that, it’s a monthly income of $5178, which is $62,136 annually. Which is right at the average income for the entire (employed) US population.

    If I’m making that sort of dosh, I probably own a tv, a computer, a cuisinart–none of which will fit this postage stamp.

    Average income out of college is in the region of $41k, and college kids might own stuff, certainly more than a laundry cart’s worth of clothing.

    So, dashed if I know who this a being marketed to.

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