Post 405: Hay!

Remember Winston and Pickles? I had a chat with The Llama-nun recently about those guys. I know we would all like to have more of their adventures to read. So possibly to jump-start an idea, I present Punky Rose.

rehoming cute guinea pig

post 405 punky rose

rehoming my baby Punky rose. I have a kitten and we want to breed, don’t know how the kittens will be.
Punky is very loved, she’s very special to me. Can’t give her enough attention like I use to, I want to do what’s best for her <3. She’s 4. Rehoming fee is $50, to make sure she goes to a loving home. Hay, food and cage included!

Yeah, kittens are always beating up poor, defenseless guinea pigs. Great excuse, I mean, reason for rehoming her. She looks just like Pickles’s type, too. My local CL is often better than expected.


One thought on “Post 405: Hay!

  1. Sparky: if that pushmi-pullyu pig is the result of your last attempt at animal husbandry, I shudder to think of what the progeny of you and a kitten will look like. Just because you WANT to breed is not necessarily a valid or legal reason,

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