Post 406: Detective Sparky

Sparkyville’s Police Department is one of the finest around. They have no unsolved, cold cases. They give themselves awards for this every month. Yes, the people of Sparkyville are very luck and confident in their officers. Or, let me say, were confident.

This case came in last week and as yet no suspect has been found or arrested. Detectives are clueless. Maybe if we put our heads together we can help solve this one. The Case of the

cream leather sofa

L shaped cream coloured leather sofa. Someone’s been scratching at it for some time… havent quite figured out who but i have my suspicions.

Any takers? Comes with a matching chair.

Wait a minute, there’s no chair in the pictures! I think the chair did it and then ran away. If only that cat could talk, we’d have this solved in no time. Thanks, NinjaChow. This was fun!

5 thoughts on “Post 406: Detective Sparky

  1. The cat didn’t move during the photography–so, I suspect it’s stuffed.

    So, yeah, the chair did it, with Col Mustard, in the living room, with a stuffed cat.

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  2. Actually, that’s a pretty nice Mid-century Modern couch. Would be neat in the right setting.

    Other than most MCM houses are totally unsuited for what we think of as modern living. Sigh.

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