Post 407: The Grapes of Wrouth

I owe much of the success of this blog to Ralph and NinjaChow. I wish more people would send in ads, but of course everyone is busy avoiding Sparky and living a life of luxury. You know, tying onions to their belts and so on.

As I am also actively pursuing a career as an author and have a bazillion parrots and so on care for, the ads submitted sometimes “expire” before I can grab the pictures. That’s the case with this one.

wrouth iron garden gates – $150

antique wroth iron gates with hardware hinges & latch 150.00 see photos can get more pictures on request

What do you think, should I ask for more photos so I can make fun of this Sparky’s spelling? Well, I checked the current listings in that area and nothing matches this ad.

Turning to my local CL, I found this gem.

Vintage rot iron chandelier – $75

Up for grabs is this beautiful large wrought iron swag chandelier. It has beautiful root beer colored textured glass. It has the most beautiful marble people I’ve ever seen. This is a plug-in or you could hardwire it if you wanted to. It measures 31 inches tall by 10 inches diameter. It works great!

Oh, dang, I feel seasick now. You keep looking for the marble people. I’m taking a root beer back to my bunk. At least we know the rot turns on and off. Thanks, Ralph, hope you send more entries soon!

2 thoughts on “Post 407: The Grapes of Wrouth

  1. Silly sparkii, Geo.RRRRR Martin’s Games of Throws* calls them “stone men” and are exiled to Essos.

    *this spelling is practically a “thing” right in line with naming your child Khalese (kayleesee, khalisie, etc.)

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