Post 408: Dun – Dun – DUN!

It was a dark and stormy afternoon in Sparkyville. Young Annie Sparks had heard that there were heaps of gold in leather bags in the basement of the old McSparky house. Empty for decades, it stood on the outskirts of town. With school canceled because the roof leaked, Annie decided to head over there and get rich.

Getting inside the abandoned house took no time at all. The back door hung open and a trail of footprints showed her where to go to the basement stairs. She just hoped whoever left those prints had not taken all the gold.

She opened the door and looked for a light switch. The basement was dark. A flash of lightning showed that the stairs were short and without obstacles. Annie eased down the dark steps as thunder rumbled overhead. Reaching the bottom, she looked around, wondering if she could find a flashlight down there. Suddenly, lightning flashed again! Annie looked up and saw —

VINTAGE Painting on Velvet – $160


The image size is 33″ x 45″
Overall very nice condition .

If you are reading this – the item is still available.
Thank you for looking!

Startled, she ran to the stairs, but the eyes followed her, now lit by a small fire from the lightning strike. Thinking how odd that was, Annie jumped back and forth, trying to fool the painting, but it didn’t work. “I swear this is the painting in all the horror movies where the eyes are following you.” The painting rolled its eyes. “Look, kid,” it said, “if you don’t want to be a crispy critter, you better get out of here. And for the last time, there’s no gold!”

Poor Annie went home as poor as ever. Luckily, we have NinjaChow providing imaginative ads like this one. Many thanks!


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