Post 409: Child Pornograph

Oh come on! Are there no depths to which I will sink in an attempt to attract readers and commenters to this blog? This is a cute but silly toy using Disembodied Princesses (I can’t use the real D word for fear of legal action) and a taste of Sparky speelink. How bad could it be?

Disney princess wined up TV – $7

post 409 wined up princess

Please leave your name and number if you’re interested. Wined up TV makes music and pictures move across the screen and by fluttering.

Heh. Okay, it’s pretty bad. Get those princesses all wined up and who knows what may flutter by. It could be a whole new world of fairy tales. Thanks, Ralph, you know your baby toys.

4 thoughts on “Post 409: Child Pornograph

  1. “Wined up” does describe the only way I seem to be able to watch the ‘major’ networks anymore.

    Even SyFy, Fx, and the like go on the dvr, so that commeecials can be zipped past.

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