Post 410: The Nightmare That Is Sparkyville

Today we have a lesson in vocabulary. We need this lesson to understand this ad submitted by Ralph, who apparently got wined up while looking for these things.

First word, wined. To have drunk a significant amount of fermented grape juice. Last time, we saw princesses have a party and get wined up.

Second word, skeleton. The bones that keep you standing upright or the workers who couldn’t get the holidays off. Sorry it’s taking an hour to make your latte, we only have a skeleton crew right now.

Last word, Charlrs-Hubert Paris. A name that means I can charge you twice as much or more for an item that has been stamped by these people. Most pocket watches go for about $30 but this one is Charlrs-Hubert Paris made.

Wined up skeleton pocket watch – $75

condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Charlrs-Hubert Paris

Charlrs-Hubert Paris skeletal pocket watch that opens on both sides so you can see every little piece moving. It needs to be wound about once a day. It works great and looks beautiful. If you want to contact me then please call or text me. Thanks.

Cue that song about anyone knowing what time it is and who cares. Enjoy your weekend and don’t get too wined up.


3 thoughts on “Post 410: The Nightmare That Is Sparkyville

  1. Skeleton can also mean “least fraction of,” aa in a body with nothing left but its bones.

    Hence a skeleton crew being the least number needed to barely achueve the typical crew goals.

    The “skeleton” pocket watch us really just a jeweler showing off. As the watch is protected by a clear crystal sapphire (in the highest quality watches, at least), so, using a filigree cover is braggadocio.
    Now, the talent to engrave all the way through fine jewelry metal is worthy of note.

    However, such watches are notorious for harvesting pocket lint, from the through engraving.

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