Post 412: A Blustery Day

Man in Trench Coat: Psst! Come ‘ere, I got somethin’ to show ya.

Sparky: Here, just take my money.

MITC: What? I can’t do that. I have to do my whole patter. You hurt my feelings this way.

S: I don’t mean to, but I’m in a hurry and I always end up caving in and buying your crap.

MITC: Crap? CRAP? This is totally new in the box, brand name stuff! Just look at this.

NIB Hot Wheels Star Wars Die-Cast Assorted Starships. 3 boxes of 12 – $40

Hot Wheels Star Wars Die-Cast Assorted Starships.
3 boxes of 12 assorted starships. 2 boxes still factory sealed, unopened.
Includes Flight Navigator.
Very hard to find.
$40 per box of twelve. That ours these hard to find Starships at $4 each! These sold in the stores for over $6!
These can be the hit of your child’s birthday party as party gifts!
Gift bags
Collectors, these are new in the original boxed and unopened bluster packs.

S: What is that, code? “That ours these hard to find?” Gibberish.

MITC: That’s just a sample of the bluster that comes with the items.

S: Here’s $120. And next time you come around, I may just open one of those bluster packs on your—

MITC: Gotta go, I hear another truck pulling out of the TRU parking lot.

S: (Picking up three relatively heavy boxes) The only thing to do now is get married and have a bunch of kids.

Another business transaction concluded in Sparkyville. Thanks for reading, and thanks to my local CL for being so dependable.


2 thoughts on “Post 412: A Blustery Day

  1. The dilemna: How to live like an mtv star with only trinkets?

    Obviously, since passing tourists are not dim enough, CL!

    Riches beyond Crocus’ lusts…


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