Post 413: InSparkNito

Halloween is just a couple months away! All over Sparkyville, the shops are selling last year’s left over candy and decorations to make your house look like this:

post 413 Barbados_Shanty_House_by_Retoucher07030

That’s an upgrade from how it usually looks:

post 413 shack 2

But I digress. Each year, the Founding Parents of Sparkyville pick a house with the best decorations and award them a case of the beer of their choice. So you know competition is fierce. Grudges and feuds have developed over the years, to the point where Sparky McSparkinson thinks that if Sparky O’Besparks recognizes his house, O’Besparks won’t vote for it. But then he came up with a brilliant plan.

Large wooden wall mask – $40

Large wooden wall mask. Measures 20″ long x 8″ wide.

That’s right, if he puts masks on his walls, O’Besparks won’t be able to tell that it’s the McSparkinson’s house and will vote for it. Then Sparky will win the beer! What could possibly go wrong?

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