Post 414: Get Back and Stay Back Machine

NinjaChow and I were discussing things that make us think of a by-gone era. Like powdered wigs make us think of the American Revolution (or as she knows it, the Invasion of Quebec by those Upstart Colonists whom We put in their Place, eh?) and Beatles wigs makes us think of the 60s. Boy Bands make us think of We Don’t Want to Go There as they are still happening.

Above all else, the following makes us think of one special era.

Moving/Downsizing sale-Home decor/electronics/Clothing/Books/Toys 

Downsizing sale-items are as pictured.

Home decor/stereo receiver/Big Button phone/Chandelier/Men/Women/kid’s clothing/VHS tapes/Cassettes/Books/Toys/crystalware/Pokemon

Please email for items of interest and price as sale is by appointment only.

Creepy dolls, check, eight track tapes, check, animal print jacket, check, pretty sure I’ve got everything I need for a trip to 1980.” True, but why would you want to? Thanks for the ad, NC!


4 thoughts on “Post 414: Get Back and Stay Back Machine

    • Actually, that stereo receiver is a current model; there were no BluRay/DVD disks in the 70/80’s. I suspect Sparky/Sparkette has a much older version and used a stock photo. It has knobs; how different can it be? The same mistake would never happen with shoes.

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