Post 416: That’s Racist!

We are in a state of National Awareness in the USA of ways we insult people for the color of their skin without thinking. For instance, the automatic soap dispensers that only react to white hands. Describing someone as black but not others as white. Even expecting those who cross borders illegally to be criminals.

Certainly there’s lots of room for improvement. This is an area where one person can do a lot to change things. Like this Sparky.

Dark Lawyers Bookcase 2 Stack Vintage Old Rare – $300

Stackable Lawyer’s bookcase, I believe the wood is walnut & it comes apart in 4 pieces
Books are for sale also
37 1/2″ tall
34 3/4″ wide
12″ deep

Dark lawyers are just as good as lawyers of any other color. I wonder how many lawyers owned this set of stackable bookcases? Thanks to my local CL, we are now totally distracted from real issues.


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