Post 417: I Will Hug Her and Squeeze Her and Call Her George

I love this ad from NinjaChow because I can make up all sorts of statistics to go with it. For instance, the percentage of households in the US that own dogs is 36.5%. The percentage with cats is 30.4% That means about 40% own both cats and dogs. Average number of dogs owned per household is 1.6 and average number of cats owned per household is 2.1. That means I am owed .6 of a dog and 2.1 cats.

Canada is similar, with dogs in 35% of homes and cats in 38%. I think all these statistics are highly unfair to bird owners. Seriously, what about fish and rats and Pickles and Winston? Well, let’s get on with the show.

Beautiful male boxer 

post 417 boxer pup

Re-home my beautiful 6 month male boxer he’s flash fawn show stopper he is NOT neutered unfortunately we have to re-home him because my daughter is highly allergic to him. He is totally trained very great with kids and animals loyal and a big baby. I want to find him a loving family forever home. Must be fenced yard
Call me for info
Thank Yvonne

NinjaChow and I agree that Yvonne McSparkenator is going about this the wrong way. The average cost of a dog is about a thousand dollars in the first year and five hundred most years after that.

For a child, parents spend $12,000 in the first year and that goes up every year! So obviously we should be rehoming the daughter and her allergies, not the sweet, sad boxer pup! Besides, he’s not neutered so think of the stud fees you might get. A daughter can’t even give you offspring until she’s 16 years old or so, and only one at time, usually.

Rehome the kid, keep the dog. That’s my campaign motto. Thanks, NC, he looks like a keeper.


4 thoughts on “Post 417: I Will Hug Her and Squeeze Her and Call Her George

  1. There is no such thing as a “totally trained” 6 month old dog. And if the home must be a fenced yard rather than having one, there may be a shortage of candidates.

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