Post 418: Cool Story, Brah

Here at Sparkyville, we try to present the best of the best of the best. We can only do that when readers submit wonderful ads that give us a chance to just bask in the glow of Ulitmate Sparkiness. Today, not only do we have that chance, we also have an explanation to go with it.

box of free Brahs

I have a box of Brahs for someone who wants them, im not sure what size they are, but they are big ones.

Our Sparkyville Expert in Brahs, Ralph, tells us:


/brä/ noun

US  South African  informal

  1. a male friend or associate.“his brahs are giving him major props”
    • used as a familiar form of address for a man.“hey, brah!”
    • used as an informal title before a man’s name.symbol: Bra

      “Bra Rufus”

I’m wondering why Sparky is keeping his Brahs in a box. How he knows they are big ones. And why he is cavalierly giving them away for free. Thank you, Ralph, we are all better people because you share your knowledge.


4 thoughts on “Post 418: Cool Story, Brah

  1. Spark clearly has been raiding laundromats for delicates. And has managed to collect surf bums instead.
    It’s clear Spark is reading impaired, elsa some attempt at label reading might have been communicated–unless Spark ripled ofc a clothing donation box trying to scrounge for change ti buy a burrito bowl at Chipotle–a venue created to serve surf bum chow.

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