Post 419: Tut, Tut.

WTFS Anchor Person: Breaking News –- Sparkyville Archeologists have entered the abandoned tract home, rumored to be the burial place of Tut McSparky, hundredaire and creator of the Can of Beans on a Stick. This tomb has been sealed for weeks now, and reporter NinjaChow is one of the first people to enter it. NC, What are you seeing?

NC: You wouldn’t believe it, there are newspapers everywhere, dating as far back as May, 2017. We’ve been warned not to touch anything.

AP: Impressive. What are the archeologists doing now?

NC: One of them picked up a slice of petrified pizza and the other knocked it out of his hand. She seems unhappy that he didn’t care how old the item was.

AP: Where did he find the pizza?

NC: Hold on, I’ll send a photo.

Vintage Coffee Table – $90

Vintage Coffee Table with cabinet
Great Condition – Dark Oak
5′ 20″ Long – 16 1/2 ” High

Reasonable offers accepted

AP: Wait, that’s not an artifact. I grew up with a table just like that in my home.

NC: But did you have the couch to go with it?

AP: Of course. It was a state law or something.

NC: Hold up, the bedroom door is opening! Tut McSparky has returned to life!

Tut: Get out of my house. Can’t a person get some sleep around here?

NC: Back to you, Anchor Person. Looks like He’s in a bad mood.

AP: Just another drunk on a bender. Thanks for trying. This is WTFS News, signing off.

3 thoughts on “Post 419: Tut, Tut.

  1. So, 5′ 20″ long?
    Is that like sating it’s 08:81 CDT instead of 0921?
    5′ 20″ as notation wiuld indicate 6′-8″, or 80″ overall.
    So, probably this is meant to be 5′ x 20″, which is bad notation, for mixing units–60″ x 20″ is clearer, and simpler than 5′-0″ x 1′-8″.
    Whicg is why we in the architecting trade always use a dash to show units in combination.

    We also try to not entomb our decedants in dark oak in the parlour (unless the client pays extra).

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  2. As ugly as they were these tables and especially the matching octagonal end tables sure were handy for storing a lot of junk. Considering the size of the apartments being build these days (and the hipster trend of ironic nostalgia) I wouldn’t be surprised to see these things pop up more often.

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