Post 421: Noise, Noise, Noise!

Here we are in the middle of September in the middle of the week and in the middle of a spate of classic YSaC style entries. Nothing as exciting as Roofers! Roofers! Roofers! Or Doctor of Naturopathy. It’s not even FeatherFoot, a true story. It’s simply this.

Dinning Table

post 421 dinning

dinning table, could use a refinishing. could be a good project table to sand and re-stain or paint. missing bolts that hold the legs to the table from. but can be easily replace by going to home depot for less than $3.
no chairs just the table.

So this free table is going to cost me $3 in parts, more in sandpaper and paint, even more in chairs, and then there’s the time and effort needed to make it pretty again. And all the dinning which probably won’t be cured with the labor and parts. Let’s keep looking, shall we?

Dinning table with chairs – $150

I have white solid wood dining set , $150 BO

For 50 times the money, I can get a table with chairs. Not sure where the dishes come in. Also, does anyone else see the table top as being not centered over the pedestal? Look, if the price is just for someone named BO, why bother putting it on Craigslist? It’s still noisy!

French. Dinning Table seats 6 – $150

A mid to late 20th century Francesca dining table by Drexel. The mahogany-finished frame features an expandable, crossbanded top with D-shaped ends and figured graining above a conforming apron. It rises on a turned and fluted pedestal with four downswept legs and a four-point, plinth base. The underside is stamped with a variety of manufacturer’s numbers and “Francesca / By Drexel”. The table comes with 2 extension leaf and 6 highback chairs

You coward! It’s French Prudential, isn’t it? You spelled plinth right, you spelled mahogany right, you screwed up dining, and you chickened out on Prudential. I’ll D-shape your ends, you Sparky.

Well, that about wraps things up here. Time for my medicine and a nap, I think. Thanks to NinjaChow for the first ad that sent me on a hunt for more in my local CL.


5 thoughts on “Post 421: Noise, Noise, Noise!

  1. 1st table Spark has clearly never shopped for custom table fixtures (like leg bolts).
    The cheap ones run to $5 _each_ (which presumes the easily-lost “bits” that go in the legs are still present.

    The easy-to-use hardware runs to $25 a leg–this is the price you pay to make the legs mover-proof (nuts & bolts & washers not immediately lost).

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  2. Second table looks odd because it actualky has two of the “podium” bases, and only one shows in the photo.
    Spark fails to mention the extra leaf (leaning against the table no less) which is the only way you could get all those chairs in under (and it will still be a tight, knee-knocking squeeze).

    A thoroughly uncomfortable table, even with the elegant asian plates included.

    O the din…

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  3. As to Table three, spark has clearly heard that MCM (mid century modern) is hip and trendy and getting some decent bux.

    Whay Spark missed is that mcm has to be “modern,” not merely made in the 50s.

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  4. I probably mentioned this back in the day on YSaC, but I look at planning applications for a living and the number of times architects, with all their fancy pants edumacation, spell “dining room” as “dinning room”… well, it makes my brain hurt. If someone who spent several years at university learning how to do this stuff can’t spell “dining” there’s not a lot of hope for Sparky.

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