Post 423: The New Nigerian Scam

Look at this ad! Just look at it. This goatherd wants you to believe he can’t get other goats to play with his dwarf. How could anyone say no to that face? Play with my goats? Sure, let me run out and buy some first. Feed me molasses pellets and ice cream? Obviously yes.

Wire a million dollars to me then I will send you a check? Hey, wait a minute! You didn’t say you were a prince!

Looking to take a Goat to Socialize with Other Goats 

post 423 goat

I am looking after a goat for a significant period of time, Miniature Nigerian, who need company of other goats. If someone has goats who would allow me to bring mine over occasionally (say once a week) to visit it would be greatly appreciated. He has his shots and is also neutered.

Well, as long as he has his shots. Thanks, NinjaChow, you Canadians sure know how to show a dwarf a good time.


7 thoughts on “Post 423: The New Nigerian Scam

  1. Nigerian goats are a prized breed (the utter opposite to Nigerian emailers).

    They are often chosen as an agricultural animal to get an “ag use” exemption from property taxes. Thw alternative is Mohair goats here in Texas, but the mohair subsidy is tiny anymore (you’d need thousands, and be shearing them frequently).

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  2. Sparky doesn’t appear to know the difference between a Miniature Goat and a Nigerian Dwarf, which are two different breeds. Crossbreeds are possible, but not particularly desirable, since the Miniature is a meat animal and the Nigerian is a dairy goat, and the combination is not particularly good for either use. This appears to be a Nigerian Dwarf wether. I kid you not.

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