Post 428: Why Don’t You Do Right?

 ALMOST EVERYTHING I OWN Yard garage estate sale

I am getting rid of ? SELLING BY DONATION almost everything I own . I am going to try and raise some money and donate some proceeds for the families that lost in this forest fire season . Plus I need to down size anyway . .
When you come to this sale . keep in mind , THIS IS A FUND RAISER . PLEASE GIVE ACCORDINGLY
I used to restore furniture , so there is a ton of projects here .
Yard sale , garage sale , estate sale, vintage , antique’s, building materials, phone, books , art , stove , bicycle , garden tools, lots and lots of stuff

Sparky, why did you include a picture of yourself? Submitter NinjaChow wants to know if you’re for sale, too. I’m sure she’s asking for a friend.

This is what happens when a hoarder needs drug money.

This is what happens when Sparky wants people to think he’s a good person.

This is what happens when Sparky starts a forest fire and feels guilty.

Next time, leave the fireworks at home.

Thanks, NC, great photos as usual.

4 thoughts on “Post 428: Why Don’t You Do Right?

  1. So, basically, Spark wants people to give him $8 for a busted $10 fan instead of $1, as a “donation.”

    Will wager that forrest fire victims will be better off without.

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