Post 429: The Illness Won’t Kill You But the Treatment Might.

Apitherapy Bee Sting Therapy BST Bees – $15

Post 429 bees

Our Standard ApiPacs are 10-12 bees in a three hole queen cage for apitherapy, or crafts. We typically have bees ready Sunday and Tuesday evenings. Let us know your therapy schedule and we will try to accommodate your schedule.

These are healthy bees living in organic bee hives, free of chemical treatments or medications.
We have bees available all year round, so please spread the word ( and and start buying local Southern California Bees

Shipping is available (2 DAY USPS Priority) and costs $8 to ship up to about 18 ApiPacs.

This gives a whole new meaning to our common saying, May Bees be Upon You. For a mere $15 plus shipping, you can get 10 to 12 angry bees shipped to you or a close, personal friend. Beesmas is coming up, I think I just finished my gift-giving list.

First, I’m going to email this company and find out what a three hole queen actually is.

3 thoughts on “Post 429: The Illness Won’t Kill You But the Treatment Might.

  1. A queen cage is a standard box for transporting (or mailing o_O ) queens.
    It has three spaces, typically. That’s because you seldom only get the queen, you get an sttendant or two.

    You do not want nore than one queen per box, as they will attempt to sting each other to death.

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  2. This sounds like Spark is trying to circumvent the laws and regulations on sale & transfer of bees between California counties (and, no doubt, interstate too).

    Wonder if Spark cares that is a felony, and every one they conduct “business” with is also a felon, which can result in lifetime loss of certain rights?

    Perhaps the correct responce to this ad is to inquire “Are you high, dude?”

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  3. To sting or not to sting
    Thus buzx the question
    W’ether tiz nobler to serve
    The Queen, or die trying
    To the breech to the breech
    (And the other two holes)
    And wall it up with our dead
    Stung out bodies
    Ere hard mailed Harfleur
    Alight in postal box
    Casually sent vy felonious
    Spark, to stoned, perchance
    To dream beyond Coces’ gleam

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