Post 430: Beam me up, Scotty!

 Free desk – you must transport yourself

Desk in good condition but very heavy. We can help you carry it out but you must transport yourself. email me

Ralph not only sent this great ad in, he gave me the title for the post. This is a great ad because it proves that there are time travelers from the future living among us. They do very well in covering up their differences until they enter the Sparkyville Zone.

I’m a little confused if you have to email yourself first or transport yourself. Either way, it’s gonna be weird to see a desk suddenly materialize in your email server. Might need to find a new computer after that. Hope it’s worth it. Thanks, Ralph!


2 thoughts on “Post 430: Beam me up, Scotty!

  1. The problem with matter transformation is that it eould be too tempting to hack the code with a sparkii test, where a fail would rematerialize the sparkii as a gerbil, or, possibly, a bowl of pentunias and an unfortunate sperm whale.

    And that would just not be right.

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