Post 431: Resurrection Saving Throw

Monitors 19″~32″for sale with a cheap price-nice screen, no died pixel – $1

I am selling a lot of computer and monitor from 17″ to 32″. They are good and like new condition. Come to see it at my house for sure before you buy. Please text me 8fvie8-###-4five## for information you need,Thank you
Text me your massage when you need a monitor for cheap price

19″-20″ is 10~$20. Good for kids

Now hold on, Geek Boy. No way am I going to your house for a massage. Just because a desk fell on my monitor on Wednesday doesn’t mean I am going to put out 10~$20 for such a sketchy scheme.

I do like the red car on the monitor. Throw that in, and you have a deal. Sometimes my local CL is all I need to get no died pixel.


2 thoughts on “Post 431: Resurrection Saving Throw

  1. Dubious source monitors, cheap.

    Not sure i want any what “fell offa truck.”
    Equally undesiring of the ones from the Dell warehouse near Houston which were “only a lil bit wet” either.

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