Post 432: By the Scratching of My Thumbs, Something Friendly This Way Comes

Where’s Owner? FOUND AGAIN (don’t have) Small TABBY CAT..Still Lost?

* PLEASE READ ALL BELOW……. Better look tonight (8 pm. Sept.3’17):
****AGAIN, 3rd Time Same Tabby in my yard. Small, sleek, size of a 6 mth. old cat wearing a heavy leather dog collar with studs. This cat is quite friendly, unable to get into carrier or house,… struggled, got scratched unable to capture
Took pics, very bad ones in dark.
Is this little cat lost or being put out when late and dark???? Lots of wildlife in neighborhood.

[This year’s prior postings below]

*TONIGHT midnight, July 8/9’17, AGAIN stray basically all Tabby small thin cat with “long” tail in my enclosed yard, ran away, but returned and paused to watch me,…. scared, not feral. ANYONE LOST A dark tabby marked kitty for a long time?
(Hope no one’s putting their cat out at night, as lots of coyotes and I also have large dog) see below posting months ago.

Same cat spotted at 11 pm (May 5’17)
Only a glimpse of what appears to be a stray (not feral) small size medium to long hair cat in my unlit yard tonight.
At first sight looked raccoon’ish. It hesitated to leave then took off. Very dark outside, did NOT have good look, but appears to have no white.
If you lost a kitty, please check area of 7500 block on ##th St. in North [Ish].
[CAN LEAVE YOUR PHONE #, will try to answer questions if you think this is your long lost kitty]

Eagle Eye NinjaChow says, “Sparky has a strange definition of friendly.”

Let’s break this down. Sparky sees a tabby cat out at night, from May through September. After the first post about seeing the cat and getting no responses, Sparky sees the same “friendly” cat again but doesn’t call animal control. Yes, they have such things in Canada.

Sparky asks, Where’s Owner? At first, I thought he wanted his personal owner. Shouldn’t be in the pets listings if that was the case. And Found Again but don’t have. Really? I think the definition of found is that you can produce the item when asked to.

Also, the kitty has survived all summer and not become Coyote Chow. Give it some credit. Also, a friendly cat would be easy to get into a carrier or house without a struggle and without bloodshed. Also, small cats look nothing like huge raccoons. Get a guide book!

Maybe Sparky is lurking around outside at 8 pm, 11 pm, or Midnight with a camera and doesn’t want anyone official to come snooping around his yard. Get a live trap, Sparky. Give up on someone claiming the kitty with the collar and go legit.

Thanks, NC, great look at the Sparky night life.


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