Post 433: Sofa, No Good

Beautiful Barcalounger

Old but beautiful and surprisingly comfortable Barcalounger sleeper sofa FREE! This was custom upholstered in this lovely bird theme, some wear here and there, still a very nice piece. Leaving Oct 12, this must go first!

Oh, Sparky. At least you understand the horror of leaving that sofa behind when you haul off to parts unknown.

Now that I think of it, this describes me! Old, beautiful, surprisingly comfortable with a lovely bird theme. Some wear but still a very nice piece.

Thanks, Ralph, good to have your ads in the in-box again.



6 thoughts on “Post 433: Sofa, No Good

  1. Sorry, Sparky, but unlike Demi, after 60+ years that thing is completely for the birds. Literally – as in put it in a chicken coop. Their decorations will blend in nicely.


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