Post 434: Zombie Microwave

FS: Panasonic Countertop Microwave *needs repair*–$20

very large capacity microwave is in great condition but does not power on for more than 3 seconds (shuts off on its own). this is a great deal if you can fix it yourself. the unit retailed for $350 when bought new.

comes with the glass inside and is in great cosmetic condition

Countertop NN-T795S:

 1.6 cu. ft. Oven capacity 1200 Watt Cooking power

Width 21.85 ” / 55.5 cm Height 11.96 ” / 30.4 cm Depth 19.4 ” / 49.3 cm

of add is still up, its still available please do not ask. if interested leave number

(side eyes Sparky) So you have this huge door stop that used to work. Even if I can fix it, I still have to give you $20 to find out. And the company that made it no longer supports service for it.

Let me think about. No. NinjaChow, do you think he’d take Zimbabwe dollars? Then we might have a deal. Thanks for the submission!

5 thoughts on “Post 434: Zombie Microwave

  1. A friend of mine has to store food items in the microwave because her cats can open the cupboards. This would be ideal, if she didn’t already have one. And if she had a much bigger kitchen. And wasn’t in Britain.

    Ok, ideal for someone else with the same problem cats and no microwave.

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