Post 435: Swoosh!

Disney Star Wars Halloween costumes – $15

Disney Star War Halloween costumes from Rouge 1,I have Kylo Ren in sizes 3,7/8,and 9/10 I also have Rey in size 4 and 7/8’and Sergent Jyn Erso in size 5/6, these are childrens sizes.Brand New Never Worn,asking $15 firm these are very well made and really cool,Also have large dog costume Nemo excellent condition Dog Costume is $10

My favorite scene in Rogue 1 was when the Mon Calamari starship, the Findo Neemo, swooped in and grabbed Kylo Ren, then flew him back in time to the planet Scarif so he can be his own grandfather! Of course, he and Finn got wasted and had to be hung out to dry. Meanwhile, Jyn and Rey had a torrid experimental love affair, resulting in BB8. Back then, he was brand new, never used. Those were the days.

Time to get your costume planned and be sure to check Craigslist for great bargains like this!

2 thoughts on “Post 435: Swoosh!

  1. Hmm
    3.7 over 8 resolves to 0.4625 (probably taco mugs)
    7/8′ is 10.5 inches, and measuring feet in eighths is probably childish.
    Ok, so Wall Street still measures dollars in eighths, a legacy of when the Spanish Dolar was perforated to be broken into eight bits (hence “piece of eight, and “2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar”). But robber baron is not that far from pirate in these days aby more than back then.

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