Post 436: Say No More, Squire!

Antique Wicker Pet Carrier – $35 

Antique Wicker Pet Carrier. 15 inches long x 8 inches wide x 10 inches tall. Has a door at one end that has a chicken wire window. Clean no odors and in excellent condition.

It’s Wicked, eh? Your pet is a goer. Does he go? Does he go, I bet he does. Say no MORE!

Wicker? Hmm. That might work for a tiny dog, but cats would claw right out of it. A parrot would have a great time turning that into matchsticks. Oh, the places you won’t go!

Thanks, NinjaChow, senior pet ad spotter. Great job.


4 thoughts on “Post 436: Say No More, Squire!

  1. Seems to be a bit presumptious, assigning cowardice to the wire.
    Next thing you know, you’ll be assigning it gender values and opprrssing it via watery bints with flung scimitars….

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