Post 438: Dateline Sparkyville

Craigslist is the very best place to look for a possible romantic partner. I wouldn’t suggest contacting anyone that way, but you can look. Although this guy might be fun.

Looking for date for MONSTERBASH

post 438 Monsterbash


body: athletic
height: 5’7″ (170cm)
status: single
California (: California (CA)

age: 41

Like the title says ..looking for date for Halloween night at the gaslamp …right at the Midway museum..dancing our butts off with the DJ music…I’m a great dancer..and fun to be around…I’m 41 ..and I’m I don’t drink ..this is about having clean fun..not getting fucked up . Event Oct 28 ..I’m cute handsome sexy fit super gorgeous personality….

He forgot modest. And he’s a rent-a-cop, so he might have an attitude. I also suspect he might be in California. Which explains why his ad was in my local CL.


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