Post 441: Sparky Darko

Halloween Bunny Mask – $50

post 441 bunny mask

Custom hand made bunny mask by local artist @blahblahblah

Gah! Run away! It’s got great, pointy teeth! I’m pretty sure it smells of elderberries. Halloween in Sparkyville is going to be really, really scary. If my local CL is any indication. Have a safe one and don’t wear any stupid bunny suits.


5 thoughts on “Post 441: Sparky Darko

  1. I’m reasonably certain that wearing that, er, uh, “costume item” would result in unimpeachable accusations of “cultural appropriation.”
    Not that I have the first clue what culture might be offended. Other than in petri dishes, and those revolts seem short-lived at best.

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